Luxury single rooms with ensuites, 20 residents reside at this boutique residence.

Single with private ensuite $295,000

Pricing Table

ROOM PRICING TABLES – from March 2021

Pricing Regulations

Since 1 July 2014, new Residency by Dillons Tin Can Bay Residential clients have been able to choose how they pay the agreed accommodation price. Residents have three choices to pay this amount as per the pricing list below:

  • either as a lump sum refundable deposit, similar to an accommodation bond, this is called a Residential Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
  • a periodic payment, called a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
  • or a combination of both.

A new resident has up to 28 days to choose whether to pay the agreed accommodation price by a refundable deposit, RAD; or daily payment, DAP; or a combination of both. DAPs can be paid by the Resident or drawn down from the RAD that the Resident has to pay to the provider.

This may occur if the Resident has elected to pay a combination of a RAD and DAP. The DAP is paid – unless and until – a RAD is paid.

In cases where no lump sum payment is received, or when the combination option is selected, The Residency by Dillons Tin Can Bay will require the Resident to complete the guarantee and indemnity provisions in the agreement.

Government assistance eligibility for Residents entering care after 1 July 2014 is determined under new means testing arrangements involving a combined income and asset test. If you feel that you qualify for assistance you can obtain advice of your eligibility either from Centre Link or DVA, for further information visit